Spraylab Argentina

Spraylab Argentina – Case Study, Customer Testimonial

Quality Management

Ismael Casaux Alsina – VD, CEO Spraylab Argentina: “In our research and manufacturing activities for all our products, we focus on Quality Management. We take pride in our Standard Operating Procedures, which allow us to develop and market drugs with transparency, quality and safety.


For the management of our SOPs we use an innovative system: IntelliSOP, developed by Wogic GmbH, a company based in Berlin, Germany. IntelliSOP is a SaaS application for SOP Management that allows us to have control over regulatory compliance and resource management at project level, in a simple and organized way.

The incorporation of IntelliSOP to our processes has allowed us to manage the complex SOP world in such a way that we could move the complexity to the backstage. This way, our employees can simply focus on the procedures that rule their daily activities. This simplicity prevents errors and non-conformities that may impact the quality of the final product, and lead to non-compliance and subsequent audit findings that may compromise our company reputation.

The implementation of IntelliSOP was straight forward, took 2-3 weeks and we currently have all our employees using it daily. Since then, we have gained transparency at user level about the required tasks, appropriate forms to use, up-to-date templates, current version of SOP in effect, etc. In addition, from a management perspective, the system brings us visibility on areas with higher risks associated with non-compliance with regulatory requirements, lack of adequate resources, critical paths and factors that put a project at risk.

spraylab-skullUltimately, the ability to control our processes with transparency and personalize at the level of each user role has prevented failures, incomplete training, as well as unplanned process deviations. All agents involved in a process have a dashboard where they can see their role assigned, pending topics, required documents, both applicable to their role by default and in particular for specific projects, with the flexibility to even be able to use external SOPs. This functionality has enabled a higher level of standardization, giving us the capacity to focus on quality and product, rather than suffer in a jungle of tedious documentation.

Being a SaaS application, that is, software as a service, IntelliSOP allows for costs optimization, ensures scalability and high accessibility of the application at server level and from the standpoint of the devices that can be used to operate: it works in classic desktops computers, laptops / notebooks, and thanks to its simple and state-of-the-art layout, it can be comfortably used from a smartphone or tablet.

All these features result in a better product that you, as a Veterinary Physician or Horse Breeder, will be able to implement more effectively and at lower costs.”