SOP Process – SOP Preparation

Preparing an SOP with IntelliSOP

The organization should have a procedure in place for determining what standard procedures or processes need to be documented. The tagging features of IntelliSOP allow for easy and visually effective identification of special groups of SOPs. Statuses and keywords permit that your company decides which labels will be applied and afterwards filtered by. Searching by keywords and filtering by status are powerful tools available to every user in the system.

SOPs should then be written by individuals knowledgeable with the activity and the organization’s internal structure. The subject matter experts are designated on IntelliSOP as company administrators (those who manage all the application) and organization administrators (those who determine the SOPs and their roles). They also determine when an SOP is obsolete and needs to be retired, valid period for an SOP, deviations and ammendments at an SOP level or at a project or account level. IntelliSOP give administrators the tools to control and assign permissions with a perfect granularity. IntelliSOP supports unlimited tree depth in your orgchart. Permissions can be set at any level, so you are able to assign your people the exactly the rights they need, no more, no less.

These individuals are essentially subject matter experts who actually perform the work or are involved in the process. IntelliSOP helps you manage your SOPs independently of the format and style selected. A team approach can be followed to prepare the SOPs, especially for multi-step and cross-organizational processes, where the experiences and interactions of a number of individuals are critical; this also promotes buy-in from potential users of the SOP in other departments or sectors in the company. IntelliSOP facilitates this interaction and cleanness in the administration and assignment of roles and responsibilities.

The team approach in SOP development is essential for those processes that are applicable to several departments or sub-organizations. In such cases, it is important to have experts from these areas involved in the review, to ensure the process is adequate, feasible. This also helps control the quality of the product or service provided. With IntelliSOP you can document and track all these small changes, decisions, assignments, statuses, validity periods, reviews, retirement, withdrawals, retractions and updates to SOPs, in a way that keeps an intact audit trail for total compliance with regulations.

In the case of complex procedures with many parties involved, several draft versions can be prepared, and many reviews may take place prior to final sign off of the SOP. In simpler processes or those pertaining to a procedure of limited scope and few roles and tasks involved, the SOP development process is typically much faster and straight-forward. IntelliSOP covers both ends, that is small companies with simple processes, as well as huge corporations with hundreds of departments involved can benefit from the easy of use and transparency provided by IntelliSOP.

SOPs and the related work instructions should be written with sufficient detail so that someone with limited experience with or knowledge of the process, but with a basic understanding, can successfully reproduce the procedure even unsupervised. IntelliSOP shows only the pertinent information level to each user according to their roles and permissions. This way, the tasks are displayed with the exact grain of detail required to perform the tasks. At the same time, for those who want to see a bigger picture, one single click on IntelliSOP can provide increasingly granular data and oversight of the whole process, from a user’s perspective, from a project manager’s an from a regulatory perspective, such as in the case of an inspection or audit.

Employees with the required qualification to perform a given job should be able to comprehend it and apply it efficiently. IntelliSOP simplifies their daily to-dos by offering a dashboard with all requirements that rule their job, both from a global SOP perspective and from a specific project view. IntelliSOP has training compliance tracking tools, where the employee mark trainings as completed, timestamping and reporting. Line managers can see which trainings are pending for a given employee and also see when someone has completed each mandatory training or activity.

SOPs should not be written to be understood by people without any knowledge of the procedure (by education or experience). IntelliSOP clearly shows every employee what their role in the process is, and helps them to find the appropriate work instructions, forms, templates and manuals to perform their activities. The employee has everything in one place,  waiting for them to just operate the system within your organization, be it a machine, a laboratory device, a piece of software or a document in an intranet.

On the other hand, SOPs should still be clear and understandable by staff. The experience requirement for performing an activity should be noted in the section on personnel qualifications. IntelliSOP permits to check whether a human resource is able to assume the role you are assigning them. The project manager in IntelliSOP can always check with line managers if the assignment makes sense, check training compliance themselves, check local requirements, such as language spoken, or a certain geographical location before assigning a role with their corresponding tasks and responsibilities.

For example, if a basic chemistry or biological course experience or additional training is required that requirement can be indicated within IntelliSOP. Then, an employee with such qualifications should be able to read the SOP and understand the steps to be performed, the templates or forms to use to document the activities, etc. From this user’s perspective, only the relevant documents and requirements are displayed, so that they get an uncluttered view of their responsibilities, allowing them to concentrate on the tasks, shifting complexity and bureaucracy to the background.