SOP Process – SOP Document Tracking and Archival

SOP Document Tracking and Archival with IntelliSOP

Organizations usually maintain a master list of all SOPs. This file or database indicates the SOP number, version number, date of issuance, title, author, status, organizational division, branch, section, and any historical information regarding past versions and revision dates. The Quality Assurance Manager or designee (or Quality Department in a bigger organization) is generally responsible for maintaining a file listing all current quality-related SOPs used within the organization.

IntelliSOP automatically notifies administrators and quality managers when due dates corresponding to the revision cycle defined are reached. This list must be readily available also when audits are being conducted or when questions are raised as to practices being followed within the organization. IntelliSOP allows you to both display as well as to export digests of all SOPs with just one click.

Additionally, the Quality Management Plan should indicate the individual(s) responsible for assuring that only the current version is used. That plan should also designate where, and how, outdated versions are to be maintained or archived in a manner to prevent their continued use, as well as to be available for historical data review. The electronic storage and retrieval mechanisms of IntelliSOP are easier to access than a hard-copy document format or the typical network drive of your corporate intranet. For the normal user, electronic access can be limited to a read-only format, thereby protecting against unauthorized changes made to the document.

Upon the release of a new SOP version, IntelliSOP moves all user assignment to old processes to the new version of the SOP, thus ensuring that the employee then has access to the new version of documents, forms and other controlled documents. IntelliSOP also makes sure that the training in the new version of the process is completed. Line managers can determine in real time whether their direct reports have completed their training and read all required materials before assuming the role in the process set by the SOP.

With IntelliSOP organization and SOP administrators can start working on the new version of SOPs and their related documents and training materials, without interfering with the current process and flows of the company, since normal users only see the correct version. Older versions of SOPs are hidden and the newer ones remain hidden until the effective date is reached.

The update of SOPs must be strictly limited to authorized personnel, following the process described on such purpose. IntelliSOP offers full granularity for you safe access control list: you can always define who is allowed to do what to a certain entity, e.g. SOPs, users, organizations, projects, accounts, controlled documents, training materials, etc. You can have your managers have administration right for just one process, for all SOPs in an organization or just one small department in your company, manage one special project for edition but no additions or deletions, etc.