SOP Process – SOP Document Control

SOP Controlled Documents in IntelliSOP

Each organization should develop a numbering system to systematically identify and label their SOPs, and the document control should be described in its Quality Management Plan. IntelliSOP supports your company’s SOP naming convention, including alphanumeric characters and symbols.

Generally, each page of an SOP should have control documentation notation, similar to that illustrated below. The same applies for those organizations where a workflow SOP format has been adopted. With IntelliSOP you can have an easy way to handle the versioning process of an SOP, together with their effective date range, changes from one version to another, the historical evolution of the SOP and their related documents. This way, IntelliSOP helps you manage the entire life cycle of SOPs, linked to people and related to projects, as appropriate.

A short title and identification (ID) number can serve as a reference designation for unique identification. IntelliSOP allows for searching by every possible criterion related to the SOP, e.g. SOP name, SOP ID, SOP status, SOP keywords, SOP Title, SOP description, and you can also sort the information by date, ID, etc, both ascending and descending, for your convenience. All this information is also exportable, both as a PDF file and an Excel-compatible format. Once in Excel format, you can build your own pivot tables and rotate the informational cube as desired. Since IntelliSOP is able to export to CSV files, you can also use LibreOffice, OpenOffice and similar spreadsheet programs.

The revision number and date are very useful in identifying the SOP in use when reviewing historical data and is critical when the need for evidentiary records is involved and when the activity is being reviewed. IntelliSOP helps you manage due dates, obsolete SOPs for retraction, soon-to-expire SOPs, SOPs that need a review, SOPs closed to be released, with a flexible interface, where the SOP administrators can define the company-specific terminology, categorization and tagging. This way, you can  utilize IntelliSOP’s functionality and still keep your company’s culture and best practices. With IntelliSOP it is not necessary to adapt your company to a new system: the system seemlessly adapts to your company and existing IT structures. However, if you want to take the opportunity to enhance or implement new concepts to your SOP management approach, IntelliSOP is the perfect tool to organize and conduct these changes.

When the number of pages in the SOP is indicated, the user can quickly check if the SOP is complete. Generally this type of document control notation is located in the upper right-hand corner of each document page following the title page. The use of footers is also useful for clarity. IntelliSOP has a function, through which users are able to report broken documents, incomplete documentation or wrong links. The SOP administrators in your company will see these reports on their personal dashboard, from where they can check and eventually correct the wrong settings.

It is important to make sure employees are clear on the SOP version currently in effect, as well as the current versions of forms, checklists and templates to be used to capture activities. The landscape can get more complex, when certain special partnerships, accounts or specific projects are conducted using older versions or adapted versions of certain group of SOPs. IntelliSOP helps you manage any program specific, project specific or client specific SOP sets, in a special version (not the current or standard one in effect). The interface shows the people involved in such special projects, the right information and points the controlled document settings to these special conditions. In summary, IntelliSOP displays the right information to the right people in the right context at the right time!

These aspects aim to comply with Good Documentation Practices, and facilitate control over the execution of the right procedures. This is of critical importance in big organizations with a complex controlled documents management system. IntelliSOP is suited for small, medium and big companies, without having to change the way you use the system. Easy and scalable are the keywords that represent IntelliSOP. Since it runs as a service (SaaS), IntelliSOP grows with you, being the best compliance collaborator for your SOPs.