SOP Process – SOP Checklists

SOP Checklists with IntelliSOP

Many activities within an organization use checklists to ensure that steps are followed in a defined order. Checklists are also used to document completed actions. IntelliSOP helps to manage checklists easily, ensuring that they are readily available.

Any checklists or forms included as part of an activity, to capture information about the activity performed, should be referenced at the points in the procedure where they are to be used and then linked to the SOP. IntelliSOP connects your checklist with the corresponding SOP; all users connected to such SOP will have direct access to the latest version of the checklists to use.

Detailed checklists are sometimes prepared specifically for a certain activity. In those cases, the SOP should describe, at least generally, how the checklist is to be prepared, or on what it is to be based. This step is implicit within IntelliSOP, i.e. users do not need to keep lists outside of the given process. Administrators prepare the checklists and link them to SOPs, projects and organizations, thus saving time and displaying the proper version at the right time, just when the user needs them.

It is important to note that the checklist is not the SOP but an important part of the SOP. The same happens with technical manuals, forms and templates. They are part of the SOP, and are the main vehicle through which an SOP is substantiated. Auditors and inspectors will contrast these documents against the flow, procedure, steps, etc. described as mandatory and optional in the SOP. IntelliSOP helps you to integrate and to keep your company audit-ready at all times, without having to specifically prepare for an audit in advance. This allows you to save time and to be confident that your operational efficiency is always at optimal compliance levels, reducing risks and subsequent stress, being able to focus on a straightforward execution of processes.

Therefore, it is critical to have appropriate version controlled procedures for forms, templates and checklists, which are considered supporting documentation. It is of similar importance to ensure that staff only have access to the current versions in effect, preventing the use of outdated documents. IntelliSOP filters and displays the right information at the right time in user’s dashboard. There is no way to use a wrong template or an outdated form: the application links to the next step in the documentation, so that users only need to follow what the company or organization administrator has configured as the standard process. At the same time, project managers keep complete oversight of assigned roles, responsibilities, documents, over-allocated and under-resourced aspects in the project.