Introduction to SOPs – SOP Purpose

SOP Purpose

SOPs detail the regularly recurring work processes that are to be performed or followed within an organization. With IntelliSOP users have a dashboard that provides oversight on the process they need to follow. It also provides easy access to the necessary process supporting documentation and training material. IntelliSOP provides native internal storage of documents in our servers. If your company already owns a document management structure or a filing system that you prefer to maintain, e.g. a document management system, a learning & training management system, a corporate intranet, etc., you don’t need to invest time, money and IT resources in data or document migrations. IntelliSOP can act as a middleware that nicely integrates with your existing systems.

IntelliSOP documents the way activities are to be conducted to facilitate consistent conformance to technical and quality system requirements and to support the quality of data. On occasions it may be difficult to maintain consistency on the usage of SOPs in your company: IntelliSOP makes it incredibly easy for the project manager to ensure all roles defined in SOPs have someone assigned, that training compliance is observed, that specific rules like geographic proximity, command of local language, are followed… The same goes for the normal user, that needs to follow the steps of the a process consistently across all their projects.

SOPs typically define fundamental programmatic actions and technical actions such as analytic processes, data management procedures, software programming processes, operational support procedures, processes for maintaining, calibrating, and using equipment. With IntelliSOP you just define an SOP, enter the roles and you are ready to assign users either as a fix person for this role, or just assign a certain actor to one role for a given project or group of projects, such as in partnerships or strategic projects.

SOPs are intended to be specific and relevant to the organization or facility whose activities are described. IntelliSOP simplifies the organization and management of SOPs to be used in different projects, and in addition, facilitates the management of SOPs involving more than one single organization or department. IntelliSOP supports unlimited depths hierarchical levels in your orgchart. This flexibility reduces the time required to determine who is responsible for what, where to track actions and affected stakeholders within processes.

SOPS aim to assist that organization to maintain their quality control and quality assurance processes, as well as to ensure compliance with governmental regulations. By using IntelliSOP you can always have instant visibility on the level of compliance with the procedures defined, both at a general, global perspective and at a project level. IntelliSOP allows for fine granular permissions, as well as total flexibility in the definition of groups, actors and responsibilities, training and document. Storage, sharing, viewing rights are all configured on an SOP and role basis, thus ensuring that only people with the right access level see the material.

IntelliSOP speeds up your management of processes, people and projects. It allows you to allocate the right resources to perform a certain role defined in the SOPs in relation with one or several projects. IntelliSOP also allows you to assign a member of a different department to a certain role in an SOP for a particular project and even work with external resources, such as subject matter experts from the sponsors, contractors, freelancers, etc.

In all cases, users will be able to easily identify their role in the process, project, the steps to follow, the training they need to complete and the documentation to use. The configuration of these features is straightforward and time-saving, since every configuration you make can be reused for other organizations, SOPs, projects, etc.

In highly regulated industries, SOPs are necessary and useful. However, if not written correctly, SOPs are of limited value. In addition, the best written SOPs will fail if they are not observed. IntelliSOP helps you keep an eye on compliance. The use of IntelliSOP will give you insight about your process and help you identify opportunities for improvement.

Therefore, the use of SOPs needs to be reviewed and re-enforced by management, preferably the direct supervisor, in order to ensure staff follow the mandatory process. IntelliSOP allows managers to gain visibility on compliance of their staff and users have a simple way to follow the steps in the appropriate order and use the right version of documents. They will also be able to easily recognize cases in which compliance is at risk.

It is important to ensure that current versions of the SOPs are clearly written and readily accessible for reference in the work areas of those individuals actually performing the activity in electronic format. IntelliSOP aligns with your document management system to show each individual user to see what they need to perform their job. All users have the opportunity to report broken links or any other errors identified during their daily use of SOPs through IntelliSOP. This feedback will be collected by the appropriate SOP administrators, that can correct such errors on the fly.

Staff need to understand SOPs, be trained on them and follow them, otherwise SOPs serve little purpose and will not guarantee quality control. IntelliSOP can document and track training on SOPs. Users and managers have an easy way to maintain compliance and provide evidence of it to auditors and inspectors in real time.