Introduction to SOPs – SOP Overview

IntelliSOP Overview

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a set of written instructions that document a routine or repetitive activity followed by an organization. IntelliSOP integrates people and their processes in a company, at a global level (organizations, departments, etc.) as well as at a project level, e.g. special processes for a certain customer account, externally determined processes for a major partnership, etc..

The development and use of SOPs are an integral part of a successful quality system as they provide individuals with the information they need to perform a job properly. IntelliSOP allows for a simple administration of SOPs, so that every stakeholder in the company knows via their dashboard which processes apply to their role, their organization and their specific projects or accounts.

In addition, the definition and use of SOPs facilitate consistency in the quality and integrity of a product, a service. The documents related to an SOP are usually very complex, and require a professional and solid document management solution. But a document management solution is not enough to cope with the complexity of process management from the perspective of the user. IntelliSOP is a process-driven tool that integrates organizations in a company, the people in these organizations, the processes in the company, the relationship with external partners and customer accounts, and the execution of such processes.

The SOPs are not equally developed for all kind of companies. Some are more innovative and try to evolve to executable, automated SOPs in BPM format. Others are still paper-based, but most of the companies define their processes as a series of electronic documents (text, spreadsheets, presentations, flowcharts), that involve:

  • policies
  • quality manuals
  • descriptions
  • forms
  • templates
  • checklists, etc.

This complexity grows exponentially with the size of the company and the variety of services provided. IntelliSOP provides the capacity to manage this complexity moving it to the backstage: users see what they need to see, in the proper context, resulting in connecting people with processes. This proximity is beneficial to ensure consistency in the quality of deliverables. With IntelliSOP, the SOPs are no longer a collection of documents stored in some network drive or the corporate intranet, but a dynamic contextual tool, where every stakeholder gets to know what to do, how to execute, record and document every step in the process. This is possible from any location, at any time and from any device, without having to install any application or requiring IT resources from your company.

The term “SOP” may not always be appropriate, and terms such as protocols, instructions, worksheets, and laboratory operating procedures may also be used. IntelliSOP brings transparency to the company, putting the emphasis in staff of the organizations and their role in a process instead of overwhelming people with bureaucratic documentation. This simplification of the relationship between users and required documents, favors that people can focus on their roles and tasks. This guarantees the proper completion of every requirement in the process, avoiding the risk of employees omitting documentation steps, using wrong versions of templates, etc.

SOPs serve essentially the purpose to document the steps to be followed to perform standard activities. IntelliSOP moves the focus from documents to people. This way, documents are at the service of transparency and compliance. IntelliSOP also changes the viewpoint within companies, from a hierarchical structure to functional roles within a dynamic process.

IntelliSOP helps define and describe both technical and fundamental programmatic operational elements of an organization. The time wasted in browsing your company’s document management system in order to find the appropriate form is re-invested in the quality of filling those forms correctly.

These documents are usually managed under a:

  • Work Plan
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Project Plan and its Requirements
  • Quality Program
  • company’s Quality Management Plan or
  • Quality Manual.

This section of our website is designed to provide guidance in the preparation and use of a IntelliSOP in conjunction with your quality system. We will also show you how IntelliSOP can contribute to smart and simple management of your SOPs.