Introduction to SOPs – SOP Benefits

IntelliSOP Benefits

The development and use of SOPs is intended to minimize deviations and promote and control quality through consistent implementation of a process or procedure within the company, that has proved to be efficient to guarantee high quality end results in each organization. IntelliSOP contributes to this standardization in your company, helping you keep control over the consistent observance of your procedures across your organizations.

Consistency at process level is maintained even if there are temporary or permanent personnel changes and across all project specific activities, but without a system like IntelliSOP this can turn into a hard job. The bigger the company and the importance of the projects carried out, the more complex this SOP management can get. Usually companies end up having a jungle of documents, process descriptions, templates, forms, etc. and users are lost in confusion about what needs to be done, when, under which format, in which template, etc., what easily leads to non-conformity due to human errors.

SOPs can ensure compliance with organizational governmental requirements and are typically used as a part of a personnel training program, since detailed work instructions are provided in them. IntelliSOP helps you control training compliance, and additionally, the daily use of IntelliSOP reinforces the training in SOPs and the proximity to SOPs. SOPs are no longer an alien document, difficult to locate, understand and follow, but a live application where they can find their daily to-dos reflected in terms of compliance.

Using IntelliSOP, opportunities for miscommunication are minimized, and safety concerns are addressed. IntelliSOP displays in a simple manner all roles and documents related to a process and its documentation. Every employee can immediately know who is responsible for what at any step in a process. You can also navigate the organizational tree and the people in each department that are somehow related or eligible to fulfill a certain role. IntelliSOP gives you visibility on project resourcing, allowing to identify under and over-resourced projects.

SOPs can also be valuable for reconstructing project activities retrospectively when no other references are available and when historical data are being evaluated for current use. IntelliSOP provides easy access to historical SOP listings and versions. Audit trail is maintained to keep compliance with regulatory requirements. With IntelliSOP it is very easy to identify procedures in effect in a particular date bracket in the past, when a project has been conducted. This is particularly useful to during audits and inspections to assess compliance to applicable SOPs in the past.

In addition, inspectors frequently use SOPs as checklists when auditing procedures. The ultimate benefits of a valid SOP are reduced work effort, along with quality control, improved comparability, credibility, and legal defensibility. IntelliSOP is highly configurable, allowing to add own tags and labels to facilitate, searches, aligned with useful criteria. You can define your own statuses and keywords for every piece of SOP, in line with the terminology used in your organization. IntelliSOP has flexible reporting capabilities to pull out business intelligence information and compliance data in Excel and PDF formats.

Even when published methods are being utilized, SOPs are still needed. For example, if an SOP is written for a standard analytical method, the SOP should specify the procedures to be followed in greater detail than the published method. IntelliSOP has the ability to add deeplinks to resources in every system and all types of documentation formats to provide the necessary level of information to the user. IntelliSOP has a very intuitive dashboard, customized to each user permissions and roles: company administrator, organization administrator, account manager, employee, etc.

It also should detail any potential variation or difference from the standard method and any options that this organization follows. IntelliSOP will help you manage deviations of any standard process defined for your company, at a project level. This way, you will always have the right information available for every stakeholder in the process.

When the regulatory authorities provide high level guidance on certain procedures to ensure acceptable quality for use, organizations may have some flexibility to operate so long as the general requirement is observed. Then, SOPs are used to define the details of how this will be applied in the organization. This documentation of the application of the general rule is used to provide evidence to auditors and inspectors. Often these details require many documents with different level complexity, various formats, etc. IntelliSOP helps you ensure that users have the right level of detail available and at hand at the right time.