IntelliSOP Network

Wogic GmbH has teamed up with the following companies to better support and market IntelliSOP, the smart SOP Management System. They ensure that our customers take full advantage of the innovation and value in IntelliSOP. Channel partners sell and deploy solutions across industries and around the globe. Like Wogic, our channel partners are fully invested in each customer’s SOP management and compliance success. Feel free to contact them for more information about our products.


Flogisto Consultoría:

Founded in 2002, Flogisto provides strategic development of human resources and business processes. Their services are organised into several business units, ranging from consulting and training to development for marketing, business and people development.
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Gap Consultoresgap-consultores:

Strong consultancy focus on organizational development. As a consultancy firm, they provide consulting in business development, training, coaching and SMB management.