IntelliSOP for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Mobile Access and HIPAA Compliance

IntelliSOP provides doctors, researchers, and administrators with a quick way to securely share files that contain Protected Health Information (PHI). Thanks to the integration of IntelliSOP for Box, our customers can get HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

Improve Operational Coordination

IntelliSOP helps coordinate operational activities between teams inside and outside of research, manufacturing and healthcare organizations by streamlining the secure sharing of administrative and process information (SOPs, training material, etc.).

Accelerate Research

IntelliSOP allows for secure collaboration across multiple stakeholders inside your organizations and with outside contracted research partners and sponsors. Collaborate on research procedures, journals, grants and teaching materials.

Enhance Operational Productivity

IntelliSOP enhances operational productivity by making regulated processes and training materials available in real-time to teams out in the field. Staff can access and share current collateral instantly, on any device, and get up and running in days instead of months.

Our Customers

IntelliSOP brings disparate parties together across the healthcare and life sciences continuum to better collaborate, share data, research and improve care delivery. IntelliSOP serves providers, sponsors, biotech and life science companies around the world.

Engage with IntelliSOP

Take advantage of the leading secure file sharing solution to meet your organization’s needs. Contact us to learn more.

Tailored for Life Sciences

Configured to meet industry-specific requirements.

Implementation Services

Custom IntelliSOP consulting packages to deploy IntelliSOP for biotech and life sciences at scale.