IntelliSOP for Box File Storage

intellisop_cloud_hddIntelliSOP software and file storage is 100% compliant with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. In addition to this native compliance, through the integration of IntelliSOP for Box:

  • IntelliSOP can provide a solution for HIPAA compliance
  • Full version control at document level
  • Attach SOP and training files to IntelliSOP while using Box
  • Granular file sharing outside the boundaries of IntelliSOP
  • Easily edit files from your desktop, smartphone or tablet

Get the most out of IntelliSOP

Learn about best practices for collaboration, how to boost efficiency on your team and more from IntelliSOP by contacting us or one of our channel partners.

IntelliSOP on smartphone and tablet

Open IntelliSOP directly on your smartphone and tablet for a beautiful mobile experience. View and edit your SOPs, track compliance and stay connected with your team from anywhere. Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.

On our IntelliSOP group plan and need more storage?

Individual users can get 612MB of storage and a 1GB per company on our Group plan. If you’re using IntelliSOP for a small business, check out our Startup plan for companies with up to 100 members. For medium sized business, we offer a¬†Business plan, which supports 2GB per user and up to 500 users.

IntelliSOP together with Box Sync

You write new SOPs or edit training materials? You probably access these documents from several devices. Get the most out of IntelliSOP with Box Sync. Every edit you make while working on your desktop is automatically saved to the cloud. Plus, you can view, share and edit your files from anywhere, including your mobile devices.