Wogic Strategic Partnership With Flogisto Consultoría

flogistoWogic and Flogisto Consultoría are partnering to develop business in Spain, providing the Spanish market with intelligent applications and services for highly regulated industries subject to audits, certifications, inspections and strict control by regulatory agencies. Other sectors also benefit from the LEAN principles behind IntelliSOP.

Startups, small and mid-sized companies get IntelliSOP and thus access to a powerful yet simple tool, without the overhead and complications associated to traditional quality and process management frameworks. IntelliSOP integrates with your company processes and grows seemlessly, scaling up as complexity grows. Flogisto Consultoría will enable this opportunity with expert advice, consulting services and training to ensure success.

Wogic’s capability to develop intelligent technical solutions and Flogisto’s know how in business consulting, converge to provide a suite of products and services that bring innovation and business value, improving productivity and profitability to healthcare, energy, chemical, biotech, pharma industries and other regulated sectors.

The purpose of this partnership is to bring value to industries with increasing need to optimize the management of their processes. IntelliSOP, the smart SOP Management System developed by Wogic GmbH based in Berlin, Germany, allows process driven companies to focus on their core business, automating the management, documentation and planning of auditable processes. This way,  the effort invested by Operations, Quality and Regulatory professionals is more efficient, since it focuses on a high performance and productivity culture,  allowing to gain efficiencies.

Wogic and Flogisto Consultoría, both young and dynamic companies, share the goal to bring innovation and services through a portfolio of products and services in continuous evolution to fulfill the needs of a rapidly changing corporate environment.

Flogisto Consultoría acts as an Authorized Commercial Representative of Wogic GmbH in Spain since April 2015.

Contact Flogisto Consultoría on:

C/ Agustín de Betancourt, 21
28003 Madrid
Phone: +34 917 885 312
Web: www.eflogisto.com