This is IntelliSOP, the intelligent SOP Management System. If you have to do with processes, standard operating procedures (SOP), certifications, quality management, quality assurance, authorities and regulations, the simplicity and power of IntelliSOP will delight you.

IntelliSOP has a flexible, effective and intuitive user interface. You can concentrate on the most important aspect: your processes and your business. Don’t fight against a complicated program. Just open your account and start working straight away. Every user sees only the relevant information for the right context: focus on your tasks and roles and enhance your effectiveness. No delays, no confusing setups: everything works out of the box.

IntelliSOP currently supports 10 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Japanese.


Be productive from the first hour with IntelliSOP: import your org chart, configure your SOPs and start assigning roles. You have an instant return on investment with us. Pay as you go (pay only for those users active in the system), compliance transparency, dashboards that shows unused and overused resources, missing training, expired and soon-to-expired SOPs, uncovered roles, etc.

IntelliSOP works on every platform: desktop computers, mobile devices, tablets, smartphones, Windows, MacOS, Linux. IntelliSOP’s responsive layout intelligently adapts to your screen size to provide you with the best usage experience.


IntelliSOP suits well to any size of company: if you are a small laboratory with 10 employees or a huge corporation with 20,000 employees, the application scales up transparently, allowing for perfect project management, smart reporting and full control over your processes. For the first time companies will be able to show auditors and authorities the compliance status in a simple and dynamic way. No more waiting for those reports, no more blind flight regarding uncovered roles, expired SOPs or missing mandatory training. Everything is visible in practical, user specific and customizable dashboards.

With IntelliSOP you can manage your processes. Simply define an SOP, and include your controlled documents, such as policies, SOPs, manuals, work instructions, forms, templates, etc. Define the roles in the process and you are ready to go. Assign roles to your employees with a single click. You can also assign roles to external users, such as contractors or people borrowed from other organizations in your company. IntelliSOP will never block you when modelling complex organizational structures. The model is flexible enough to adapt to every organizational structure and the most challenging org charts.


IntelliSOP is a powerful compliance resourcing tool: you can assign a role to a person as a permanent resource, to perform what is always their responsibility, or you can assign a role to a certain project or a particular project phase. IntelliSOP dashboard features will always show up-to-date information about who is doing what, roles assigned to a person, SOPs, people with uncompleted training, uncovered roles, soon to expire SOPs, etc. Every view in IntelliSOP can be exported to PDF or an Excel compatible CSV file, so that you can further work on pivot tables and make even more complex reports.

Your company already has a document management system? A learning management system? Are you using an excel spreadsheet stored on a shared drive? No problem, you don’t need to abandon any application you love or where you invested a lot of time and resources. IntelliSOP works as a full applicaton, where you can develop your structure, as well as a middleware that integrates onto existing ones. IntelliSOP is an online application. No need to install software on your computer. Forget about purchasing and maintaining servers. Don’t bother your sytem administrator or corporate IT team with extra work. Everything runs as a service in our private cloud. You don’t need to care about backups, redundancy, or the sort. Business continuity is guaranteed.

complianceIntelliSOP is made in Berlin. We offer German quality to your valuable data and processes. All our servers are hosted in Germany (European Union), so we can give you absolute compliance with the strictest data protection regulations. IntelliSOP is Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, so that FDA-regulated industries, such as biotech companies, biologics developers, CROs, CMOs, drug makers and medical device manufacturers get an electronic data management system that is controled and validated, including transparent audit trails, reporting and export capabilities.